Pledge of Integrity

Statements of the highest quality and integrity and of totally original designer- craftsmanship in the art of traditional spoon-making.

 Statement 1 – Concave Surfaces
Entire concave surfaces are completely carved with only wood gouges and hand mallet.

 Statement 2 – Convex Surfaces
All convex surfaces are entirely carved using only traditional drawknife techniques.

 Statement 3 – Sanitation Concerns
All grain surfaces are naturally raised several times using hot water and removed with an extensive sanding process, producing a “driftwood hardening” (patina).

 Statement 4 – Non-toxic Oil
No grain-locking oils are used to artificially or temporarily hold down the grain during use. We use mineral oil and natural beeswax only.

 Statement 5 – Authentic Demonstration
All spoons displayed in our booth, without exception, are created exactly like they are demonstrated at one of our many craft shows.

 Statement 6 – The Designer-Craftsmen
All work displayed is made and designed only by Bob DeWitt and his partner Dominique Vallon. This includes all processes of production.

 Statement 7 – Guarantee and Free-Refinishing
Wood is a natural living thing. We offer you our guarantee of integrity and craftsmanship. Free-refinishing is also offered as a courtesy.

Bob DeWitt, Master Spoonmaker, and Dominique Vallon, Designer

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