Fine Handcrafted Cooking and Dining Accessories

Nestled amidst the glacier carved mountains of western Pennsylvania, Bob DeWitt and Dominique Vallon have been creating handcarved wooden spoons and custom kitchenware for over thirty years. Our spoons are heirlooms to be enjoyed for many generations!

Drawing upon inspirations such as traditional American treenware, all the utensils and bowls are carved out of local and regional air dried, kiln dried, and green hardwoods – keeping in mind the impact of such environmental issues as clearcutting, sustainability, and biodiversity.


All of the spoons are hand-carved, using traditional woodcarving tools such as gouges, mallet, and drawknife. The bowls of the spoons are gouged out and then shaped with an intensive sanding process. The backs of the spoon bowls are drawknifed into a multi-faceted surface. The handles of the spoons are individually sculptured to balance the feel of the spoon. The hand hewn bowls are entirely handcarved from green wood with gouges.

The woodgrain is raised several times with hot water and then sanded down. This process is repeated several times. It produces a driftwood effect and a start for a long lasting natural patina. After the last sanding, the pieces are repeatedly hand rubbed with mineral oil, then buffed with a protective, non-toxic beeswax finish.

You may purchase our handcrafted cooking and dining accessories at fine craft fairs throughout the year, through our website, or contact us for a personal studio visit.

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